Great Deals on Smart Thermostats through FOCUS ON ENERGY®

Current offers make saving energy easy. 

If you’ve been considering purchasing a smart thermostat, now is the perfect time to act!  

Eligible MGE customers can get a smart thermostat for as low as $14.99 by combining an instant rebate from Focus on Energy, MGE’s partner in energy efficiency, with the manufacturer discount.   

Heating and cooling are typically a household’s biggest energy users. Smart thermostats can be controlled remotely with a smartphone, and many models can learn your household routine and automatically adjust the temperature.  

This is a limited-time offer, ending on April 29, 2024, or while supplies last. 


Already using a smart thermostat?  

Enroll in MGE Connect®, our smart thermostat program, and help us manage the grid while earning rewards! Participants agree to brief, minor adjustments to their thermostats during periods of high electricity use. The program helps MGE manage demand on the grid during these peak periods. (Participants can opt out of these adjustments at any time.) Eligible customers can earn a $25 reward upon acceptance into the program and up to $25 in rewards each year for continued participation. Visit to learn more.  


Working together to achieve net-zero carbon electricity  

By managing our collective energy use, we can work together toward a more sustainable future. MGE is committed to engaging our customers around energy efficiency and other key strategies to achieve net-zero carbon electricity by 2050. Visit to learn more.  

published: Apr-15-2024