Simple Dehumidifier Tips for Summer 

MGE has simple strategies to help control moisture and reduce run time.

Warmer temperatures are here, which means more humidity in our homes. We have some simple dehumidifier tips to help you save energy and stay comfortable.  

Now is a great time to get your dehumidifier ready for the season. While it's important to control high humidity in basements to prevent mold growth and improve indoor air quality, dehumidifiers can cost as much as $50 per month to operate. Look for ways to control moisture and reduce run time by: 

  • Looking for the ENERGY STAR® label when buying a new dehumidifier. 
  • Setting your humidifier to a 50% relative humidity setting and checking for leaking hose connections.  
  • Be sure to empty it regularly or connect the hose to a drain. 

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published: May-25-2022