Make an Impact with MGE Connect®

MGE’s program for smart devices helps MGE manage the grid.  

Managing our collective energy use is one of our strategies for achieving our carbon reduction goals. Smart technologies can help manage your household energy use—and help manage our electric grid.   

If you’re looking to upgrade to a smart thermostat this season or already own one, consider enrolling in MGE Connect. MGE Connect is our demand response program for devices like smart thermostats. With customers’ permission, minor temperature adjustments are made to customers’ smart thermostats to reduce energy use during summertime periods of high demand. 

In 2023, customer participation in MGE Connect helped to reduce usage by more than 4 megawatts through some of these events. That’s equal to the energy use of more than 1,300 homes during those events or to the amount of power produced by 13,000 solar panels. 

If you’d like to participate in MGE Connect in 2024, visit to learn more about eligibility and request to enroll.  

published: Nov-30-2023