Managed EV Charging Helps Customers Save

Driving a Tesla.
MGE’s Charge Ahead program offers customers who drive electric vehicles (EVs) the opportunity to test new managed charging technology. By managing when drivers charge their EVs, we can better manage our electric grid and our generating resources, which helps to manage costs to all customers.

Eligible customers can earn rewards by charging at home during times when the electric grid is less busy—or when renewable energy is more productive. 

How it works 

  1. Connect your EV or home charger: Charge Ahead uses a free mobile app to connect your EV or home charger to the program.  
  2. The app calculates your off-peak charging: Your connected EV or home charger’s telematics track your charging in real time to determine when you are charging your EV during off-peak periods. That’s how you earn incentives! You can earn up to $8 per month over the summer and $4 per month the rest of the year when your EV charges during off-peak hours. 
  3. You set the schedule: Your EV will always be charged by your customized schedule. The app measures battery state of charge, charge speed and kilowatt-hours required to ensure your EV is charged by your “ready-by” time each day. 

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Powering EVs today and for tomorrow  

Managed charging is important as more and more customers make the transition to EVs. When MGE is able to move charging to off-peak, it can help lower costs for all customers. Plus, programs like Charge Ahead help MGE better understand how EV charging patterns may impact the grid long-term, helping us plan for the future energy needs of our community. 

EV resources  

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published: Aug-30-2023