What Energy Means to Me

Energy fuels our passions. It fuels our future.

"Energy to me is food, family, friends, my community."

- George

"La energía para mi es encontrar mi propio balance, la naturaleza, el amor por mi familia y mi comunidad."

- Jannet

"Txhua Txhua yam (energy) rau kuv yog tsev neeg, kuv lub zej lub zos,txoj kev haum xeeb kev ncaj ncees, yas suab, thiab seev cev."

- Peyton

Meet George, Jannet and Peyton—three Madisonians who put their energy into pursuing their passions and connecting with their communities.

George is a local planner of food policy and advocate for sustainable agriculture. Jannet is a social worker. Peyton is a student, dancer and social organizer. The three shared their ideas about what energy means to them for "Balance," an initiative that promotes sustainability in communities of color. To live sustainably is to use energy and water wisely, recycle and eat locally sourced foods, among other things.

Mario and Annette in classroom

Mario Garcia Sierra and Annette Miller discuss sustainability with local families.

"Sustainability is about creating a healthy community and future for generations to come," says Annette Miller, MGE's Emerging Markets and Community Development Director. "It's also about working together to demonstrate how we can—through information, education and cooperation—make a positive difference in our communities together."

"The partnership behind Balance is an example of how MGE works with and connects with our many diverse customers in many different ways to reach shared goals and a more sustainable energy future," adds Mario Garcia Sierra, MGE's Community Services Manager.

See what energy means to George, Jannet and Peyton, and then visit Living in Balance on Facebook to learn more!

Partners in Balance include MGE, Centro Hispano, Center for Resilient Cities and Sustain Dane.

Balance website in Spanish

Balance website in English

published: 09-06-2016