New Customer Resource

Website and newsletter offer Energy 2030 news, energy-saving tips and community stories.

Welcome to Energy 2030 Together, MGE's new online resource for customers. In addition to this new website, we've introduced a new quarterly newsletter, which goes by the same name and is included with customer bills.

Through this new site and our companion customer newsletter, we'll feature news about our Energy 2030 framework, energy-saving tips and information, and stories from our community. We're saying farewell to our monthly newsletter, mge>source®. Customers will continue to get all of the important information as they have in the past through bill inserts, this website and its companion newsletter, and

What's in a name?

Energy 2030 Together is an expression of what our customers said they wanted from MGE. Our customers have provided us with valuable feedback during our Community Energy Conversations, our Community Energy Workshop and other opportunities. We heard communication is a priority. You can read more about what we learned and why we developed Energy 2030 Together in a related story, Talking, Listening, Working Together.

Energy 2030: the power of working together

Reduced carbon dioxide emissions

40% reduction by 2030 from 2005 levels

40% down infographic
Greater use of renewable resources

30% renewable energy by 2030 with 25% by 2025

increase renewable resources infographic

Our Energy 2030 framework has several goals and objectives, including increasing our use of renewable resources to 30% by 2030 with 25% by 2025; further reducing carbon dioxide emissions, targeting 40% by 2030 from our 2005 levels; increasing engagement around energy efficiency and conservation; and helping customers control their use.

To reach these goals and fulfill our other Energy 2030 objectives, we will partner and work together in many different ways with you, our customers. To read about some of the ways in which we partner, visit The Power of Partnerships.

Energy 2030 Together in your bill and online is your new source. Please visit regularly as we'll be updating the site to keep you informed and to share tips for managing our energy use for the benefit of all. Join us as we make Energy 2030 a reality—together.

published: 10-05-2016