Join Us on Earth Day

Visit Henry Vilas Zoo to learn about energy efficiency, electric vehicles and solar energy.

It was a Wisconsinite—U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson—who founded Earth Day in 1970. His efforts sparked a national conversation about the importance of protecting our environment. Nearly 50 years later, Earth Day is an international celebration, including here in Madison!

This Earth Day—Sunday, April 22—MGE is partnering again with the Henry Vilas Zoo to share information about how we all can work together to reduce our collective impact on the environment. MGE energy experts will be at the Madison zoo with a solar energy display and an all-electric Chevy Bolt to answer questions and share information about clean energy and energy efficiency, including incentives from our partner in saving energy, Wisconsin's Focus on Energy program.

MGE’s Cathy Brodbeck also will be on hand for the Kids Tree Climb event, hosted by the Dane County Arborists. She’ll join other arborists for a giveaway of tree seedlings, provided by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, and to offer planting and general tree education as well.

Find our energy experts just east of the Zoo’s giraffe house and south of the penguin exhibit. See you there!

Solar trailer

Join us:
Sunday, April 22, 2018
11 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Henry Vilas Zoo in Madison

Celebrate Earth Day by reducing your energy use

Electricity use can spike in the warmer months when everyone is running their air conditioners. Follow these simple tips to make every day Earth Day.

For information on more family-friendly Earth Day activities, visit

published: 04-02-2018 | updated: 04-13-2018