Show Your Energy-Saving Smarts

Enter our drawing for a chance to receive a Dane Buy Local gift card.

Do you consider yourself energy efficient? Do the latest energy-saving technologies, such as LED lightbulbs and smart thermostats, interest you? If you answered "yes" to either of these questions, share your energy-saving actions with us on social media. You could be awarded a free $100 Dane Buy Local gift card.

Energy efficiency and conservation help save energy and money but also reduce our environmental footprint. If we all practice energy-saving measures, like turning off the lights when we leave a room or reducing our air-conditioning use, we can collectively make a big impact. New technologies can help make it even easier to reduce our energy use.

If you have a new piece of tech that you use to save energy, share your experience with us on social media for a chance to receive a free gift card. Check out this brief video clip as an example for inspiration. MGE energy expert Jon Beers discusses the benefits of a smart power strip.

When thinking about the actions to feature in your entry, consider the following:

Post your video, photo or screen shot of your energy-saving action with the hashtag #MGE2030 and tag MGE on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram so we know you've entered. You also may email us your video, photo or screen shot at or mail us at the address in our official rules and instructions.

Your energy-saving smarts will help illustrate how we all can work together toward a more sustainable energy future!

According to the drawing's official rules, the entry period begins June 15, 2017. The deadline to post entries is July 6, 2017. For the drawing's full instructions, eligibility and official rules, visit

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published: 06-13-2017