Community Energy Workshop

Participant input guides ongoing efforts with community.

Community Energy Workshop wordcloud
Don Edwards speaking

Don Edwards, independent facilitator from Justice & Sustainability Associates (JSA)

Last April, we convened a Community Energy Workshop. The workshop was our next step in the unprecedented community engagement effort we've been undertaking with the help of Justice & Sustainability Associates (JSA), a respected Washington, D.C., firm recognized for its skills in facilitation and deliberative dialogue.

The workshop participants represented a broad and diverse set of organizations and interests, including nonprofits, neighborhoods, businesses, educational institutions, advocacy groups, environmental and sustainability groups. The room also included strong representation of participants with different racial, cultural and linguistic backgrounds.

The more than 200 attendees reflected many viewpoints. They shared many ideas and various perspectives during the workshop. Thanks to the contributions of participants, we collected more than 2,000 comments during the evening. Since the workshop, we have been studying those comments so we can use them to inform our ongoing efforts. The accompanying word cloud represents topics expressed frequently by participants at the workshop. In addition, the guidance for MGE from participants during the workshop included:

In response to "share more with us," you are reading this story on our new digital resource— This digital resource is one of the first initiatives to come out of our extensive engagement with customers. We developed it based on the feedback we heard. In it you'll find news, information, updates and stories from our community—all related to creating a more sustainable future together. In the future, we'll share more of what we heard with stories about specific topics and themes from the event and how they are guiding our ongoing work together.

The comments the community has shared with us will live on. We will continue to mine them for guidance and direction as we build the community energy company for the future.

A summary of themes from the workshop also is available.

Gary Wolters speaking

Community Energy Workshop, Monona Terrace - April 19, 2016

published: 09-06-2016