Kits to Boost Energy Efficiency

Get your free conservation kit through Focus on Energy's Simple Energy Efficiency (SEE) program.

In case you missed it, MGE residential customers can request a FREE energy conservation kit from Focus on Energy! The kit helps residential customers save energy, which means you could save money too. Thousands of MGE customers already have taken advantage of the offer, but there are kits still available.

hand touching a lamp lightbulb

"Many of our customers have acted, but I'd encourage others interested in saving money and energy to contact Focus on Energy today for a free kit," Brian Driscoll, MGE Residential Services Manager, said. "Focus on Energy is our partner in helping educate our community on how to make their households more energy efficient, and we appreciate their efforts to get these easy-to-install items in the hands of MGE customers.

Energy efficiency and conservation are critical in helping us reach our long-term energy goals, and that includes reducing emissions," Driscoll added.

While free, the kits are valuable when it comes to the potential to save. According to the Focus on Energy program, the kits contain a number of different items and could include:

Focus on Energy

Focus on Energy has a couple of free options for households, but if you'd like a more customized kit, check out the additional packs available, which run from $3.00 to $8.95. Request your pack from Focus on Energy, Wisconsin utilities' statewide energy efficiency and renewable resource program.

published: 09-06-2016