La Movida Talks Energy Efficiency

MGE representatives take to airwaves.

Being energy efficient saves money and contributes to a healthier environment. Both are shared goals for customers and MGE. "Viviendo Con Energía" is one way in which MGE can connect with customers to help them learn how to save energy and money, and reduce their environmental impact.

Every other month, MGE representatives Mayra Medrano and Mario Garcia Sierra visit La Movida Radio in Madison where they talk with host Luis Montoto and answer listeners' questions about energy. "Viviendo Con Energía" is the result of a longtime partnership with La Movida Radio. The Spanish-language program airs live on 1480 AM on the second Wednesday every other month from 9 to 10 a.m.

"We have information related to energy efficiency, conservation, safety and the latest technology around us," Garcia Sierra said. "When MGE has an active and direct contact with our customers is when there are more opportunities to create a more sustainable future for all of the people who live in this community," he added.

"They can contact us for anything they need," Medrano said of listeners who call into the program.

In August, the video production company Angles Creations caught up with Mayra, Mario and Luis for the broadcast. Click the video for a glimpse of the show. The topics included energy efficiency, storm safety and an update on a joint sustainability initiative, known as Balance, in communities of color.

Be sure to tune in next time, and if you have an energy-related question for Mayra or Mario, email to learn more. Through such partnerships, we can work together to create a more sustainable future for our community!

published: 09-06-2016