Upcoming Smart Thermostat Program

MGE's program will use smart technology to study reducing peak energy use.

MGE will introduce soon a program to work with residential electric customers to help further manage their energy use. The Smart Thermostat Demand Response pilot program will test a new method of controlling peaks in energy demand. Peak demand can occur, for example, when everyone has their air-conditioning running during a steamy summer afternoon.

When temperatures climb, demand for electricity goes up too. During these peak periods of electric use, utilities must use their maximum capacity of electric generation, transmission facilities and distribution lines. Reducing peak demand can help control costs for all customers in the long run.

Nest Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats can analyze data to automatically adjust how your home's heating and cooling systems operate to keep you comfortable.

Our new pilot program will test using smart thermostats to manage residential air conditioners' operations to reduce the demand for electricity while maintaining customers' comfort. Smart thermostats can be controlled remotely through communication technologies. MGE will, with customers' permission, use their smart thermostats' communications to set parameters, send control signals and report on air conditioner responses.

We will be recruiting approximately 500 residential customers to participate in the program. Their participation will help us better understand the potential for reducing electric peaks using smart technologies.

As part of our Energy 2030 framework, MGE is advancing new technologies that give customers more control over their energy use. Check back on energy2030together.com to stay informed. We'll post an update when we begin recruiting customers to participate in the smart thermostat pilot program.

Now you can save even more

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Wisconsin's Focus on Energy program is offering a $75 incentive for MGE customers interested in upgrading to a smart thermostat. To learn more about eligibility for this discount, visit focusonenergy.com/smart.

published: 04-27-2017