Energy 2030: Our Community's Energy Future

Explore where we've been and where we're going through the power of working together.

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    Energy 2015

    MGE's original round of Community Energy Conversations more than 10 years ago helped us in developing Energy 2015, our previous framework. Under Energy 2015, we increased our energy from renewable resources, such as wind, by almost 12 times. We reduced carbon emissions 20% between 2005 and 2015, and MGE ended the use of coal at our downtown power plant. Community input helped shape Energy 2015. Today, as we look beyond 2015, we again want our direction to be informed by the customers and communities we serve.

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    Community Energy Conversations

    Many of you, our customers, participated in small group discussions across our community in the summer and fall of 2015. We hired an independent facilitator, Don Edwards of Justice & Sustainability Associates out of Washington, D.C., to design and carry out these conversations. The discussions were open to all and generated feedback that helped to shape Energy 2030.

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    Community Energy Workshop

    In April 2016, MGE hosted about 200 community members and leaders for a workshop at Monona Terrace. The diverse group of people shared questions, ideas and guidance about Energy 2030; new products and services we could offer customers; and how we could better connect with those we serve. This new website is one result of participants' valuable guidance! See a related story for more about what we learned from the workshop, and stay tuned.

  • Energy 2030

    In November 2015, MGE introduced a framework—or road map—for building our community's energy company for the future. Energy 2030 includes a number of goals we'll be working to accomplish by working with you, our customers. Scroll back for a glimpse of how we developed Energy 2030, and scroll forward for a peek at where we're going—with your help!

  • More Renewable Energy

    We're pledging to increase the use of renewables, like solar and wind, in our energy supply mix. Our energy supply is the mix of generation, such as power plants, wind farms and other sources, that we use to power your homes and businesses. We plan to supply 30% of retail electric sales with renewables by 2030 and 25% by 2025. Communities such as Madison, Middleton, Monona, Fitchburg and Dane County all have 25% renewable energy goals by 2025. MGE has no plans for additional coal plants.

    See our Shared Solar story to learn how you can participate in supporting cleaner energy.

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    Reduction in Carbon Emissions

    MGE will work with customers to further reduce emissions of carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas. Through energy efficiency, conservation and cleaner energy sources, we all can work together to reduce carbon emissions 40% from 2005 levels by 2030. Simple measures to reduce your own energy usage can add up and help us achieve this goal. See our related story, If We All Saved Some Energy, for a peek at how to use energy wisely and share in this collective effort.

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    Energy Efficiency and Conservation

    We will continue to work closely with customers to encourage energy efficiency and conservation through education, information and other resources.

    If we all make an effort to reduce our energy usage, our community's overall and maximum, or peak, energy use will decrease, which also lessens the need for additional generation, such as power plants. This helps to save all of us money in the long run.

    Energy efficiency also fuels economic development. The less consumers spend on energy, the more disposable income they have to spend elsewhere in our community, and that helps to keep it economically vibrant and healthy!

    See our related story on Focus on Energy's Conservation Kits for tips about how to reduce your energy usage.

  • Our Community Grid

    MGE will work to create a more advanced electric grid that supports and integrates new technology, such as distributed generation. Distributed generation includes, for example, household and community solar projects. Our Shared Solar project in Middleton is an example of distributed generation.

    MGE is already developing the electric distribution infrastructure, systems and controls to better enable distributed energy resources to help meet future customer needs. By taking action now to support new technologies, we're working to ensure reliability for all of our customers into the future.

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    New Products and Services

    The energy world is changing, making available to customers new technologies that give them more control over how they use energy. Products such as smart thermostats benefit customers and utilities, for instance, by having the potential to reduce peak demand. Peak demand drives costs. If we can reduce peak, we have the potential to reduce costs for everyone. MGE will explore such technologies with our customers to provide value and give you more control over your energy use.

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    Deeper Community Engagement

    We will work inclusively with all of our customers to better understand what you want and need from your community energy company for the future. Through many different partnerships, collaborations and programs, we will work to advance Energy 2030 and create a better future for the community we call home. That's part of what we mean by being your community energy company for the future!

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    Working Together

    We can accomplish our shared goals toward cleaner energy, reduced emissions and a more sustainable future. And with your help, if we can go further faster in meeting our goals under Energy 2030, we will.

    Stay tuned to—designed to inform, educate and reflect the energy in our community.

published: 09-06-2016