Our Community Grid

Energy technologies are changing rapidly. We're building a dynamic electric grid that enables new technologies while continuing to meet customer needs reliably and affordably. Through our community grid, we take advantage of energy generated in our community, like solar on rooftops and methane at landfills, and integrate it seamlessly with other energy sources. We will continue to provide all of our customers with reliable service and incorporate changing technologies for the benefit of all—today and into the future.

Serving Up Energy Efficiency

Earlier this year, Capital Brewery joined MGE's On Demand Savings program. This pilot program encourages businesses to better manage their energy use—especially in summer months when electric use peaks across the region. Customers learn to identify strategies to control their on-peak energy demand and reduce costs.

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If We All Saved Some Energy...

When we talk about the "value of saving," we're talking about more than money in your pocket. We're talking about simple measures all of us can take that also help to reduce emissions like carbon dioxide.

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