Our Community Grid

Energy technologies are changing rapidly. We're building a dynamic electric grid that enables new technologies while continuing to meet customer needs reliably and affordably. Through our community grid, we take advantage of energy generated in our community, like solar on rooftops and methane at landfills, and integrate it seamlessly with other energy sources. We will continue to provide all of our customers with reliable service and incorporate changing technologies for the benefit of all—today and into the future.

Home Energy Monitor Program

Some MGE customers are learning more about their home energy usage through a pilot program with Sense Labs.

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Charging into the Future

With the number of electric vehicle drivers increasing every year, we’re starting to see an increase in available charging options.

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Smart EV Charging

MGE's electric vehicle home charging program makes charging easy—and fast.

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EVs Energize the Auto Market

More EV options and convenient charging make "going electric" easier.

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MGE Partnering with Sense Labs

MGE will work with customers to explore the Sense home energy monitor, which gives customers more information about and control over their home's energy use.

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MGE to Launch New Smart Thermostat Program

MGE is launching a new smart thermostat program in partnership with Nest and residential electric customers to test a new method of controlling high energy usage during the summer months.

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