Renters Finding EV Options

Multifamily property owners find EV chargers as a way to compete and be green.

With sales of electric vehicles (EVs) continuing to grow, managers and developers of multifamily properties are being asked by potential tenants, "Where can I charge?"

As a result, apartment and condo building owners are installing charging stations to help them attract and retain tenants who have found EVs are an affordable and environmentally friendly option.

Check out this brief video to hear from those who say this trend toward charging is a "win-win."

MGE works with property managers, developers and employers to help them better understand what's needed to install EV charging stations for residents and for employees. Partnering with our customers to explore and further new technologies, like EVs, is an objective under MGE's Energy 2030 framework. EVs have zero tailpipe emissions, making them a cleaner energy alternative for drivers.

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published: 01-09-2017