Solar Lighting Proposal

Pilot would offer new, green option for customers interested in overhead lighting.

Overhead lighting serves to enhance safety in outdoor areas such as parking lots or other large expanses. MGE is proposing a new, green option for our customers who need to add overhead lighting but want to proceed with the environment in mind.

It's also ideal for areas without existing electrical service because the lighting units, consisting of solar panels and battery storage, would not be connected to the grid.

overhead lighting illustration

MGE is seeking approval to add a solar lighting option to our existing overhead lighting program for business or residential customers. Under the proposal, MGE would design a customized lighting plan for interested customers who then would pay a daily fee for the solar lighting on their bill. MGE also would maintain the structures.

MGE is exploring this pilot in response to inquiries from customers seeking innovative, environmentally friendly lighting options. If the pilot is approved and proves successful, we could explore additional services in the future based on customer feedback and identified needs.

This type of program also reflects our commitment to new products and services, as indicated in our Energy 2030 framework. By working with our customers, we'll be able to put their feedback to use to develop and test new ideas and concepts as technologies evolve and come to market. This is part of how we'll build your community energy company for the future.

Thut Park at night

Thut Park, City of Madison

MGE has experience with these types of off-grid, outdoor solar projects. If you've ever seen the solar lighting along the bike path near the UW-Madison campus, that's one of them! The other is located at Madison's Thut Park on the southeast side.

published: 09-06-2016