EV Partnerships Benefit Customers

MGE partners for National Drive Electric Week event on the Capitol Square.

Advances in technology keep changing how we all live and work. Whether it's making our lives more convenient, our friends and family more accessible, our homes more energy efficient or automated, or our vehicles more environmentally friendly.

people looking at electric vehicles on capitol square

Participants at the National Drive Electric Week event were able to check out EVs and talk to owners.

An event highlighting National Drive Electric Week recently was held on the Capitol Square, giving participants a chance to check out more than 40 all-electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles. MGE supports this annual event as a way to increase awareness of the widespread availability and benefits of electric vehicles (EVs).

EVs, emissions and economics

Innovative EVs reduce gasoline use and tailpipe emissions. All-electric vehicles boast zero tailpipe emissions. They have no fuel tank and no exhaust. Transportation is the second largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in the United States.

The biggest savings of owning an EV is in fuel. Electricity is less expensive per mile driven than gasoline or diesel fuel. And, customers who participate in MGE's Green Power Tomorrow program can further reduce emissions from electricity generation by purchasing clean energy produced from wind and solar.

And, don't forget about those oil changes! EV owners also save on maintenance costs. EVs have fewer moving parts and require less routine maintenance. Check out this video from behind the wheel of an EV!

Plug in, make an impact

MGE has encouraged for nearly a decade alternatives to gasoline- and diesel-fueled vehicles.

MGE has partnered with Wisconsin Clean Cities and Madison-area Nissan dealerships in a special offer on the all-electric Nissan LEAF®. The discount, when coupled with available federal tax savings, actually can save drivers nearly 50%! More information about this limited-time offer is available at mge.com/DriveElectric.

We also have partnered with EV owners to learn how vehicle charging affects home electricity use. We continually work with local employers, developers and property managers to assess their needs and implement charging initiatives within their facilities. And, soon, MGE will offer EV home charging systems through a pilot program.

In addition, MGE offers an extensive network of public charging stations that provide 100% renewable electricity—produced by wind farms in Wisconsin and Iowa.

Debbie Branson
Encouraging the use of EVs is important for our environment and is part of our commitment to support new technologies under our long-term Energy 2030 framework.
- Debbie Branson, new market manager at MGE

Check out how we can partner to charge into a more sustainable energy future.

published: 09-06-2016 | updated: 12-16-2016