EV Offer Drives Interest

A local company with an interest in being green has turned its attention to electric vehicles.

Madison-based Acumium, a web development and digital marketing company, likes to say it has a "knack for tech and an affinity for fun." One could say the motto extends to their choice in vehicles!

Acumium recently took advantage of a special limited-time discount on the all-electric 2016 Nissan LEAF®. The special offer to save nearly 50% runs through Jan. 3. Visit Zimbrick Eastside Nissan or Rosen Nissan of Madison to learn more.

Acumium also is working with MGE to install workplace charging units for electric vehicles (EVs). energy2030together.com visited Acumium to see what's driving their interest in EVs!

published: 11-18-2016 | updated: 12-13-2016