EV Discount Offer Extended

Drivers can save nearly 50% on a new, all-electric LEAF®.

The appeal of electric vehicles (EVs) continues to spread. For some drivers, it's about the environment. For others, it's about running on cutting-edge technology or saving on fuel and maintenance costs.

Now, an incentive offer from Nissan is giving another reason to drive electric. The $10,000 discount on Nissan's all-electric 2016 and 2017 LEAF, when combined with federal tax incentives of up to $7,500, can save drivers nearly 50%!

EV's around capitol

EV drivers gather in the summer to celebrate during National Drive Electric Vehicle Week.

Since the LEAF is all-electric, that means no filling up the tank, no oil changes and no tailpipe emissions. Plus, it boasts a range of up to 107 miles on a single charge—great for city driving! Contact Zimbrick Eastside Nissan or Rosen Nissan of Madisonfor details.

Partnering to advance EVs

MGE is proud to partner with these local Nissan dealerships to promote this incentive offer. We've been studying EV drivers for years! EVs represent a cleaner alternative to gasoline and diesel-fueled vehicles. ChargePoint, a manufacturer of EV charging stations, estimates their customers drove 476 million miles gas-free in 2016.

Advancing new technologies, like EVs, is a priority under MGE's Energy 2030 framework. Under Energy 2030, we're working with our customers to reduce our carbon emissions by 40% from 2005 levels by 2030. Transportation is a significant source of greenhouse gases. Drivers who opt to go electric can reduce their impact by charging at MGE's extensive network of public charging stations. The stations provide 100% renewable electricity produced by wind farms in Wisconsin and Iowa.

Most charging actually happens at home, and customers who participate in MGE's Green Power Tomorrow program can further reduce emissions from electricity generation by purchasing clean energy produced from wind and solar resources.

MGE's EV charging pilot program

We recently launched a new pilot program, Charge@Home, for EV home charging. The program enables quick charging at your home. Learn about the benefits of Charge@Home by visiting mge.com.

published: 01-20-2017