Auto Show Offers Look at New EVs

"Electric vehicles (EVs) are the future." MGE sent a crew to the Chicago Auto Show to check out the future of automobiles.

The Chicago Auto Show is a car enthusiast's paradise—more than one million square feet of the latest in automotive technologies on display. MGE sent a crew to the annual extravaganza with one objective in mind—to check out the latest and upcoming EVs.

Today's EVs go farther

Sales of EVs continue to grow. According to an article on, U.S. sales of EVs "soared" in 2016, increasing 37% compared to 2015. Hybrid and all-electric vehicles are more environmentally friendly, and they're becoming increasingly affordable as car makers expand their hybrid and EV options. With advances in technology, today's EVs offer a longer range, making them more appealing to more drivers than simply those early adopters of years ago.

Check out our short video to hear what car makers at the Chicago Auto Show have to say about today's EVs!

MGE's Charge@Home pilot program

MGE is helping to make EVs a more convenient option for our electric customers. We recently introduced our Charge@Home pilot program. With Charge@Home, customers opt to have MGE install, own and operate an EV charging unit at their residence. The Level 2 chargers offer faster EV charging that can be managed from a smartphone. There are no up-front installation costs, and MGE offers turnkey service. Interested customers may visit for information.

EVs and Energy 2030

MGE is committed to advancing new technologies, such as EVs, as part of our Energy 2030 framework. Energy 2030 continues our long-term direction toward cleaner energy, energy efficiency and conservation, new products and services, and ongoing customer engagement.

Charge@Home facilitates new technologies, helps our customers save money and allows MGE to learn the impact of EV charging on our distribution system. MGE thanks our Charge@Home participants. The research helps us to learn about communication, management of charging sessions and the impact on the grid.

published: 04-27-2017