Explore 'Going Electric' with EV Drivers

National Drive Electric Week is a chance to talk to EV drivers about their experience.

When making a major purchase or remodeling our home, many of us look for recommendations from family, friends, maybe coworkers or neighbors. We want to hear directly about their experiences.

National Drive Electric Week is your chance to talk with electric vehicle (EV) owners about their experience "going electric." MGE is a local partner in the nationwide celebration of EVs taking place Sept. 9-17, with a special event off of the Capitol Square in downtown Madison on Sat., Sept. 16.

National Drive Electric Week

National Drive Electric Week celebration in Madison, September 2016.

MGE Community Services Manager Dave Benforado helps organize the Madison area's annual event. This year, Benforado will display MGE's new Chevy Bolt, which can travel on battery up to 238 miles and go from zero to 60 miles per hour in fewer than seven seconds. He says the event typically features vehicles of all kinds to meet different customer needs.

Dave Benforado

MGE Community Services Manager Dave Benforado will have MGE's new Chevy Bolt at the Madison-area celebration.

"We have EV drivers from across the area who come to display their vehicles and share their feedback with potential, new EV drivers. Some are interested in reducing their environmental footprint. Others are concerned about range or vehicle performance," Benforado said. "We have EV drivers who went electric for different reasons and can answer all sorts of questions, which makes the event ideal for those who may be interested but undecided about going electric."

EVs growing in popularity

The number of EVs doubled last year worldwide, according to the International Energy Agency. Experts say ongoing investment in research and lower battery costs will help to fuel growth of EVs in future years. Car makers continue to introduce new models with increased range and performance.

Locally, MGE makes it easier to "go electric." Most charging occurs at home; however, MGE has 28 public charging stations powered by renewable energy across the area. Vehicle charging is less expensive than gasoline, and EVs have lower maintenance costs.

For those who charge at home, MGE introduced late last year our Charge@Home pilot program. With Charge@Home, customers opt to have MGE install, own and operate an EV charging unit at their residence. The Level 2 chargers offer faster EV charging that can be managed from a smartphone. There are no up-front installation costs, and MGE offers turnkey service. Interested customers may visit mge.com for information.

Mark your calendars

Be sure to mark your calendars for the Madison area's National Drive Electric Week event Sat., Sept. 16, from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. on Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. in downtown Madison. And stay plugged into energy2030together.com.

published: 07-26-2017