Save Energy with Smart Thermostats 

These devices are an easy and effective way to manage your heating and cooling costs at home.

Woman using smart thermostat in her home
Looking for ways to help manage your energy use at home? Using a smart thermostat is one of the easiest ways to save energy! Air conditioners and furnaces are some of the biggest energy users in your home. Smart thermostats offer an almost effortless way to control your home's temperature—helping you save energy. They can be controlled remotely with a smartphone, and many models can learn your household routine and automatically adjust the temperature!

MGE's Smart Thermostat Program

MGE is working with customers to advance new technologies to help reduce our collective energy use and impact. Our smart thermostat demand response program, MGE Connect®, helps us better understand how smart technologies can reduce strain on our community grid during times of peak energy use in the summer. More than 3,400 households participated in the program in 2022. Adjusting residential thermostats during peak periods of use helped to reduce usage by nearly 3 megawatts during many of these events—that's equal to the power from 8,700 solar panels or generating enough electricity to offset the usage of about 850 MGE households in the summer. We thank our participating customers for their support!

By reducing our energy use, we also reduce our environmental impact. Visit to learn more about the program.

Instant Incentives on Smart Thermostats from FOCUS ON ENERGY®

Eligible MGE customers can take advantage of instant incentives from Wisconsin's Focus on Energy program when purchasing a qualified smart thermostat. Visit to order your smart thermostat today!

published: abr.-13-2023