Thank You to Our Customers

Message from MGE President and CEO Jeff Keebler.

To Our Valued Customers:

It was little more than a year ago when MGE launched a new resource,, to engage and inform our community around our energy future. The site is designed to introduce new energy technologies, offer tips you can use to save energy and illustrate how we can work together toward our goals under Energy 2030. That's why we call it Energy 2030 Together.

All of us can contribute to a more sustainable future by using energy efficiently. MGE's quarterly newsletter is a companion to this site, and both have regular updates and information to help us all use energy responsibly and be good stewards of the environment.

MGE residential customers have stepped forward to help us advance our Energy 2030 framework by participating in pilot programs and testing new technologies with us.

  • Our Shared Solar pilot program, in partnership with the City of Middleton, is fully subscribed and delivering clean energy to our community grid.
  • Customer interest drove our request to regulators to expand our electric vehicle (EV) home charging program, Charge@Home. If interested, visit
  • MGE's smart thermostat demand response pilot program is underway. With 500 customers enrolled, MGE is testing how we can reduce energy use by using smart thermostats to manage residential air conditioners. The program kicked off this summer and will continue next summer.
  • MGE is exploring the Sense home energy monitor with customers. This study will help us understand how customers can use home energy monitoring technology to better manage their energy use.

These are only some of the ways in which we are working together with customers to advance Energy 2030. Thank you for your support of and participation in these and other programs. It is through the power of working together that we can move forward.

Cleaner Energy

MGE's ongoing transition away from coal continued in 2017 with an agreement to reduce our ownership share in the Columbia Energy Center, a coal-fired plant in which MGE is a minority owner. We also continue to seek opportunities for additional utility-scale solar, similar to our Shared Solar installation in Middleton. And, in November 2017, our Saratoga wind farm was approved by regulators.

MGE is committed to balancing the needs of all of those we serve and to delivering safe, reliable and sustainable energy that powers our lives and our communities for generations to come. Thank you for working with us to achieve our shared energy goals. Visit regularly and join us.

published: Oct-30-2017