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Electricity use typically spikes in the summer. Those stretches of hot, humid weather put demand on the grid because everyone is running their air-conditioning at the same time to keep cool and comfortable. We call this peak demand—when demand is at its highest.

Have you ever wondered when your household energy use spikes?

MGE has an online tool so you can view your past energy use and understand your energy use patterns—such as summer energy spikes. You also can see how your usage compares to other homes of similar size and age.

Knowing your usage history could help you better manage your future use to save energy and money. If we all reduce our individual use, we can collectively make a big impact.

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My Account offers other benefits, such as paperless billing, which is yet another way to reduce our impact on the environment.

Other benefits of MGE's My Account

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  • Manage your payments, view your payment history and schedule online payments through My Bill Pay.
  • Receive email and/or text notifications when your bill is ready to view by signing up for paperless billing.
  • Buy green power for your home and support clean energy by participating in our Green Power Tomorrow program.
  • Sign up for a budget payment plan, spreading your energy costs more evenly throughout the year.

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We know saving energy is important to you, our customers. It's important to us, too! Working together, we can be more energy efficient and reduce our individual and collective use. Find additional features to save energy under Our Energy Use.

published: Apr-27-2017