Moving Clean Energy Forward in 2019

A message from our Chairman, President and CEO Jeff Keebler.

Chairman, President and CEO Jeff KeeblerOn behalf of all of us at MGE, we wish you warm greetings this holiday season and a safe and happy new year. As 2018 comes to a close, I would like to take this opportunity to share with you some of what we have accomplished as a community. With your continued engagement and commitment to energy efficiency, we can meet—or even exceed—our shared energy goals.

Cleaner Energy

Our new Saratoga wind farm in northeast Iowa is nearing completion. The addition of this cost-effective generation project, combined with tax savings, is helping MGE to reduce electric rates in 2019 and hold them steady in 2020.

We also are looking forward to construction in 2019 of two solar projects, if approved. MGE is proposing the projects in partnership with another Wisconsin utility, Wisconsin Public Service. MGE’s share of the solar energy produced by the Badger Hollow Solar Farm in Iowa County, Wis., and the Two Creeks solar project in northeastern Wisconsin will power about 33,000 households.

Our 500-kilowatt Shared Solar array on the Middleton Municipal Operations Center.

Our 500-kilowatt Shared Solar array on the Middleton Municipal Operations Center.

Our 500-kilowatt Shared Solar array on the Middleton Municipal Operations Center.
MGE also plans to expand our successful Shared Solar program with a second community solar installation. Our Shared Solar program began with a 500-kilowatt array in the City of Middleton in 2017. The program is fully subscribed. An expansion will allow more customers the opportunity to share in locally generated solar energy at a low upfront cost. Join the Shared Solar community by adding your name to the waiting list to subscribe. Visit

Electric Vehicles

If you do not drive an electric vehicle (EV), it’s likely you know someone who does. EVs continue to grow in popularity. Battery technology has improved, allowing greater distance travel and affordability. MGE is ready to meet the growing use of EVs—our public charging network continues to expand, and our home charging program is a fast, convenient way to “fuel” your EV. To help customers better understand EV options and the benefits, we launched a new online resource highlighting the many reasons to “love” EVs. Learn more about it at

Energy Efficiency is your source for timely features to help you save energy. By using energy wisely, we can reduce our community’s environmental impact. Energy efficiency is a key strategy for reducing the effects of climate change, and our individual efforts can make a difference. If you have questions about saving energy, please contact our Energy Experts at 608-252-7117 or email

As your community energy company, we are here to help. By working together, we can create a more sustainable future.


Jeff Keebler
Chairman, President and CEO

published: Nov-27-2018