Local Businesses 'Study' Sustainability

Sustain Dane program helps organizations operate more sustainably—and that includes taking a look at their energy use.

Madison's HotelRED and YMCA of Dane County are champions!  They're among several Madison-area organizations that graduated as 2017 MPower Business Champions in March.

Members of Sustain Dane with some of the 2017 MPower Business Champions

Members of Sustain Dane with some of the 2017 MPower Business Champions

MPower is a nationally recognized model for achieving sustainability success within an organization. Sustain Dane, a local nonprofit that promotes sustainability, created the program to help businesses develop and carry out specific plans to reduce their environmental impact. More than 100 organizations have completed the one-year sustainability program.

MGE has partnered with Sustain Dane in support of the MPower program since it began in 2009.

Champions of energy efficiency

When HotelRED executives decided to replace all of the lights on their property, which includes 48 guest rooms, they knew it would be a substantial task. But, they had their target set on the rewards of such a change.

"Transitioning all of our lights on the property to LEDs cut down our bills and energy consumption," said Seth Blanchard, director of operations for HotelRED.

YMCA of Dane County also replaced incandescent lights with LEDs at its east Madison location. In addition, computers are being set to auto-hibernate and treadmills are being turned off at night at all three YMCA of Dane County branches. YMCA officials expect those simple changes to save thousands of dollars annually.

"With three large buildings that consume and output large amounts of energy, it is our social responsibility to ensure future generations of Y members and staff can enjoy a thriving environment," said Scott Shoemaker, senior director of marketing and communications for YMCA of Dane County.

Other 2017 MPower Business Champions include:

  • Attic Angel Place
  • J.H. Findorff & Son Inc.
  • National Guardian Life Insurance Co.
  • Planet Bike
  • SVA
  • UW Credit Union

"Each organization can look back and see how far they have come in the past year," said Stacie Reese, manager of Sustain Dane's Sustainable Business Initiative. "We celebrate the work that each team has done to achieve a more sustainable business community."

According to Sustain Dane, the MPower Business Champions program has accounted for more than 500 local sustainability projects—all of which help our community save energy and costs, and reduce our collective environmental impact. MGE applauds this year's MPower Business Champions!

Visit sustaindane.org to learn more about the MPower program.

published: Apr-23-2018