Go Green with MGE’s Green Power Tomorrow 

New option available to customers who want 100% renewable energy. 

MGE’s Green Power Tomorrow (GPT) program is an easy and affordable option for residential and business electric customers to support renewable energy and offset their greenhouse gas emissions for a penny more per kilowatt-hour (kWh). GPT is served by regional MGE renewable energy resources, including both wind farms and solar arrays. Customers can participate in GPT for a fixed dollar amount per month or a percentage of their electric usage. 

New GPT 100 option

GPT 100 offers customers 100% renewable energy. GPT 100 tailors a customer’s participation to account for the percentage of MGE’s energy portfolio that is served by renewable resources. For example, a participant in GPT 100 currently has 25% of their usage served by renewable resources included in MGE’s standard resource portfolio, and 75% of their energy use is subject to the $0.01/kWh incremental energy charge under the GPT program. Those allocated kWh through GPT participation include the environmental benefits, or Renewable Energy Certificates, which are retired on your behalf.

As we continue to grow our use of renewables, increasing the percentage of renewable resources in our generation portfolio, customers who participate in GPT 100 will see their cost of participation decrease. Visit mge.com/GPT to learn more.

published: Feb-28-2024