Get 100% Clean Energy with MGE’s Renewable Flat Bill

Customers who enroll receive a consistent monthly electric bill. 

Interested in a consistent monthly electric bill for 100% clean electricity? Under MGE’s Renewable Flat Bill, eligible residential customers who enroll are billed the same monthly amount for electricity for a year. Their monthly bill is based on their expected electric usage, which takes into consideration historical usage and weather-related factors. 

MGE’s Renewable Flat Bill uses our Green Power Tomorrow (GPT) program, our long-standing green pricing program. Participants are automatically signed up for our new GPT 100 option. GPT 100 automatically tailors a customer’s participation in GPT to account for the percentage of MGE’s energy portfolio that is served by renewable resources.  

For example, in 2024, participants in GPT 100 would have 25% of their usage served by renewable resources included in MGE’s standard energy portfolio. Those customers will have 75% of their electric use served by the GPT program, which is subject to a $0.01/kilowatt-hour incremental energy charge. Each kilowatt-hour of electricity allocated from the GPT program will be from renewable energy resources in our area, including wind farms and solar arrays.  

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published: May-30-2024