Earth Day Resources for Kids

Learn more about MGE's free digital Earth Day Every Day Fun Book.

Did you know MGE partners with local educators and organizations to educate students about sustainability, energy efficiency, renewable energy and electric vehicles? With Earth Day coming up, check out our resources for celebrating Earth Day!

Earth Day Fun Book

MGE publishes a digital Earth Day Every Day Fun Book each year. We call it "Earth Day Every Day" because every day is an opportunity to help create a cleaner future. MGE's free Earth Day Every Day Fun Book includes activities and information on how to use energy wisely and to live more sustainably. Visit for the digital Fun Book, energy education videos and more.

Connect with Nature

Ready to plan an outdoor learning experience this spring? Founded in 1995 by the Aldo Leopold Nature Center, Nature Net is a network of area nature centers, museums, gardens and parks that offer environmental education in south-central Wisconsin. A calendar of upcoming events is available at

published: Feb-28-2022