Take a Closer Look at Your Energy Use

Online resources are a great way to help you understand your energy use and make improvements.

Being energy efficient is something we all can do at home to help save energy and reduce our collective energy use. Simple steps like turning off lights, installing a programmable or smart thermostat, and switching to LED bulbs can make a big difference. If you’ve taken those steps and are looking for more ways to save, there is a wealth of information available online to help you assess your energy use and identify additional improvements.

Knowledge is power

Knowing what your use patterns are for natural gas and electricity use can help you target ways to save! MGE’s My Account helps you track and compare your electricity and natural gas use with other households.

Estimate energy use of appliances, electronics

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has a handy calculator to help you estimate how much energy various appliances and home electronics use.
According to the DOE, there are several ways to estimate energy use:

  • Review the Energy Guide label. The label provides an estimate of the average energy consumption and cost to operate a specific model. The DOE notes that not all appliances or home electronics are required to have an Energy Guide.
  • Use an electricity usage monitor to get readings of how much electricity an appliance is using. MGE has donated portable energy meters to area libraries. They're available at no cost from your local public library.
  • Calculate annual energy consumption and costs using the formulas provided by the DOE.
  • Consider installing a whole house energy monitoring system.

DIY energy audit

Looking to maximize your home efficiency with a closer look at your home? Complete an online energy audit for your home using the Home Energy Saver to help you identify and prioritize energy-saving projects.

Get energy-saving advice from MGE 

MGE can provide expert advice for how to assess and manage your energy use. Email our Energy Experts at AskExperts@mge.com. We're here to help!

published: Apr-17-2020