Plant Smart to Save Energy 

Picking the right plantings can help you save energy all year long. 

Adding trees, shrubs and other plantings to your landscape can do more than beautify your home—it also can help you save energy and keep your home more comfortable. Read on for some simple steps for energy-smart planting this fall! 


Good directions 

Looking to add some trees or shrubs to your landscape? Follow these tips for selecting a location for optimal energy savings. 

  • Planting evergreens such as Chinese juniper, eastern red cedar or Swiss stone pine on the north and west side of your home can provide protection from winter winds and help to reduce home heating needs.  
  • Planting deciduous, or leafy, trees on the west and south side of your home will help provide cooling shade from hot afternoon sun in summer. In winter, deciduous trees lose their leaves, allowing sunlight to warm your home.  


Planting near overhead power lines, utility equipment 

Since overhead height and tree growth can vary, try to avoid planting trees and tall shrubs directly under lines. MGE has a guide that includes a list of trees and shrubs that may be appropriate for your planting projects. If you are planting near your house, please remember to leave room around your electric and gas meters for MGE crews to perform maintenance work. 


Stay safe while digging 

All projects, no matter the size, could pose a threat to your safety or result in costly mistakes. Diggers Hotline, a free service, works with MGE and other participating utilities to identify buried lines on your property so that you can dig freely and safely. State law requires anyone planning excavation or construction activities to contact Diggers Hotline at least three days before digging begins. 

Diggers Hotline is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Contact them by submitting an online request or by calling 811 or 1 (800) 242-8511. 

Visit for more information on planting trees, including the 10 best trees to plant near power lines. 

published: Sep-01-2023