Get a Kitchen Bundle from FOCUS ON ENERGY®

Save energy and water with high-efficiency kitchen products.

Using energy efficiently and conserving it are some of the most critical actions we all can take to reduce our environmental footprint and to manage our energy costs. Our energy efficiency partner, Focus on Energy, is offering a Kitchen Bundle this month. The bundle includes:

Ten reflector LED light bulbs. Replace the recessed lighting in your kitchen with these energy efficient light bulbs and you’ll notice an immediate difference in light quality and ambiance!
A kitchen faucet aerator. Faucet aerators provide the same forceful streams as standard faucet fixtures but at a reduced flow rate.
A hot water temperature card. Dip this into a cup of hot water from your tap to make sure your hot water heater is set at an efficient temperature.
Pipe insulation. Use this on your hot water pipes to reduce heat loss by up to 80%! 
Visit to order your kitchen bundle.
Looking for other energy-saving products?
Get LED lighting, efficient showerheads and top brand smart thermostats like Google Nest, ecobee and Emerson at the Focus on Energy Online Marketplace.

published: Jun-08-2021