Five Ways to Save Energy This Fall 

Simple strategies and technology can help make saving energy easy. 

Fall is often a time for new routines. Whether your household is adjusting to the school year, new work patterns, or gearing up for late-year sporting events and celebrations, now is a good time to put some strategies in place to make saving energy simple. Here are five low- or no-cost ways to help manage your energy use and stay comfortable this season. 

Get a smart thermostat 

Heating and cooling are typically the biggest energy users in a home. Consider upgrading to a smart thermostat. These internet-connected thermostats automatically adjust your household's heating and cooling systems, lowering the temperature when you're away in the winter or raising it in the summer. Like other smart devices, smart thermostats can be controlled remotely and automatically adjust to your household routine.  

Our statewide energy efficiency partner, FOCUS ON ENERGY®, offers an instant incentive on smart thermostats for eligible MGE customers, making them an affordable option for many households. To learn more, visit

Watch your water heater 

Water heating is the second largest single energy user in most homes. Here are some ways to save on water heating costs. 

  • Set water heater temperature at 120°F. 
  • Conserve hot water by washing your clothes in cold water and taking shorter showers. 
  • Install a low-flow showerhead. 

Stop phantom energy with a smart power strip  

If you’re looking for ways to manage energy used by electronics, smart power strips can help save energy by detecting when a device is not being used and then cutting off power to that device. 

If you haven’t already claimed your free energy-saving pack from Focus on Energy, you can order a “Focus on Electronics” pack that includes a smart power strip. These packs are available free of charge, including free shipping, for eligible MGE customers on an annual basis. Learn more and order your pack at

Skip the space heaters 

As the days get chillier, resist using electric space heaters for heat. Using your furnace, even if it is for just a few hours a day, is more energy efficient than using a space heater. Consider these no-cost tips to stay cozy instead: 

  • Use an electric blanket or heating pad.  
  • Put on a sweater.  
  • Get up and move around.  

Take advantage of the sun 

Let in the sun during the day to warm a room and close your window treatments in the evening to keep out the colder night air.  
Visit for additional information on saving energy. Or, if you have questions, call one of our energy experts at the MGE Home Energy Line, (608) 252-7117.

published: Oct-16-2023