Black Friday Savings on Smart Thermostats

Combine FOCUS ON ENERGY® incentive with manufacturer discounts to save!

Make this year's holiday season an energy efficient one! MGE is working together with our partner, FOCUS ON ENERGY®, to share special savings and incentives on a new smart thermostat.


Add one to your Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping list!

Smart thermostats auto-adjust based on outdoor temperatures and your preferences, and you can control them remotely with your smartphone or computer.

For a limited time, eligible MGE customers can combine discounts on Google Nest and ecobee smart thermostats with a FOCUS ON ENERGY® incentive for maximum savings.  

Visit the FOCUS ON ENERGY® Black Friday site to learn more.

Ready to buy? Skip the line. Shop at the FOCUS ON ENERGY® Online Marketplace.


Already use a smart thermostat for your household?

Share this energy- and cost-savings information with friends and family! By working together, we can create a more sustainable future.

Please contact FOCUS ON ENERGY® with questions or for more information.

published: Nov-22-2019