Update on MGE's Smart Thermostat Program

Nearly 1,000 electric customers participate in the program.

MGE Connect™ explores the use of smart technologies to help MGE manage our community electric grid. We launched our new smart thermostat program in summer 2019 to help customers save energy and to help us better understand the role and impact of using smart devices to help manage our grid. The two-year demand response pilot program allows MGE to make minor temperature adjustments remotely to the smart thermostats of participating residential customers from June through September.  

A key objective under MGE's Energy 2030 framework is to work with customers to reduce peak demand on our electric system, which will help us to manage long-term costs to customers. This program is one of the many ways we are working together with our customers to advance new technologies to reach our target of net-zero carbon electricity by 2050. Take a minute to watch a summary of the first season of MGE Connect. 


published: Dec-10-2019