MGE to Launch New Smart Thermostat Program

MGE has partnered with Nest to offer a new program to residential electric customers.

MGE is launching a new smart thermostat program in partnership with Nest and residential electric customers to test a new method of controlling high energy usage during the summer months.

Electric customers who have a Nest thermostat will get paid for participating in Nest's Rush Hour Rewards program. Each enrolled MGE customer will receive up to $75 in Visa gift cards for participating this summer and next summer. The program is currently fully subscribed.

girl adjusts Nest smart thermostatProgram to reduce summertime energy use

Electric use peaks during stretches of hot, humid days when air conditioners are running in a majority of homes and businesses. It's kind of like "rush hour" when everyone's using the highway—that's why Nest calls its program Rush Hour Rewards! These periods of high electric use, known as peak demand, not only lead to higher individual bills but also put pressure on utilities to generate, transmit and distribute enough electricity to everyone who needs it.

Our new program with Nest and participating customers will test how we can reduce peak demand through the use of smart thermostats to manage air conditioners. Smart thermostats can be controlled remotely. With customers' permission, Nest will be able to make minor temperature adjustments to participating smart thermostats during times of high electric usage. Customers will be notified in advance before an adjustment is made and will be able to change the temperature on their thermostat at any time. The program will help us better understand the potential for reducing electric peaks using smart technologies and may help us reduce the need to build new sources of electric generation.

Save $75 on a smart thermostat through Focus on Energy

If you've been thinking about upgrading your thermostat, now is the time! Wisconsin's Focus on Energy program is offering a $75 incentive on smart thermostats for eligible MGE customers. To learn more, visit

As part of our Energy 2030 framework, MGE is advancing new technologies, such as smart thermostats, to give customers more control over their energy use. Stay informed by visiting

published: Jun-21-2017