MGE Partnering with Sense Labs

MGE will work with customers to explore the Sense home energy monitor.

How well do you know your home?

You may know where the floor creaks or which room could use a fresh coat of paint. Fido may even know the coolest place in your pad to rest his head on a hot summer day. But how well do you know your home's electric use profile?

Information is power, and in this case, information about your home's electric use could give you the power to reduce your energy use and save money.

sense home energy monitor in an electric panel MGE is partnering with Sense Labs , the maker of the Sense home energy monitor, to explore this new technology with some of our customers. The Sense attaches to your home's electric panel to "listen" to devices in your home as they consume electricity. The Sense then develops profiles of those devices' energy consumption, giving you the power to take action.

sense lab appsense lab app

For example, the Sense is able to alert you when the garage door is opened or how long the TV was turned on or during which periods your home consumed the most energy last week. The information is available at your fingertips through an app on your mobile phone.

More control over energy use is an objective under Energy 2030

MGE is making this technology available to some of our customers. Their experience will help us understand how we might be able to use home energy monitoring technology to better manage our grid and encourage customers to reduce their use during peak periods when electricity use is high.

Giving customers more control over their energy use is a key objective under MGE's Energy 2030 framework for the future. If we all reduce our use, we can save money long term by reducing peak demand. MGE needs the electricity generation (wind farms, solar arrays and power plants) to ensure we can meet peak demand. If, by working together, we can reduce our collective use, we do not need to build as much generation, thereby reducing long-term costs for all customers.

Upcoming program

MGE will be recruiting customers for our program with Sense. Stay tuned to for more information about this new technology.

published: Jul-26-2017