Home EV Charging with MGE

woman charging electric vehicle in her garage
Do you own a plug-in hybrid or electric vehicle (EV)? Charge@Home, MGE’s home charging program, makes it quick and easy to charge your car’s battery with a Level 2 (L2) charger. L2 chargers can charge up to six times faster than a standard 120-volt electrical outlet and offer more flexibility to charge when you want.

No up-front costs

This program provides a ChargePoint Home L2 charger without having to pay up-front costs. You’ll pay a monthly fee of about $20 (66 cents per day) plus the cost of electricity.

Advancing new technologies

As part of our commitment to advancing new technology, MGE offers Charge@Home to help make EV ownership easier for our customers. This program helps us learn how to best manage the impact of EV charging on our distribution system.

Visit mge.com/charge-at-home to learn more and enroll!


published: Jun-01-2023