EV Owners: Give Yourself the Gift of Convenience This Holiday Season

MGE's Charge@Home program makes it easier to charge your electric vehicle.

Electric vehicle (EV) drivers already know that owning an EV makes their life simpler. They no longer have to make weekly (or more) trips to the gas station, especially in bad weather. They no longer have to waste precious time changing oil every 5,000 miles. Some EV drivers can easily preheat (or cool) their EV before hitting the road. But, likely the biggest benefit of EV ownership is that drivers can plug in every night and wake up with a full charge! 

EVs can plug in to nearly any standard 110-volt outlet, making it very easy to "fuel up" whenever the car is not in use, but a faster charging option would be to install a Level 2 charging station, which can charge your EV with 10 to 25 miles of range per hour in your garage!

With MGE's Charge@Home program, the process is so convenient because we coordinate the installation with a licensed electrician and handle any repairs. There is no up-front installation cost, and customers pay about $20 per month plus the cost of their electricity usage. Couple Charge@Home with MGE's Shift & Save rate, and EV drivers could save on home charging costs by shifting EV charging and other household electric use to nights and weekends—when fewer people are using electricity. 

The Level 2 charger can be controlled remotely via Wi-Fi from a smartphone so drivers can schedule when charging should occur. It also integrates with the ChargePoint network. Drivers can monitor all of their residential and public history through ChargePoint charging stations.

What MGE has learned from Charge@Home

Charge@Home was introduced to help us expand new technology options for our customers and to understand how EV charging impacts the electric grid. Since its inception in 2017, more than 60 customers have taken advantage of this program. Through Charge@Home, MGE can remotely manage our customers' charging stations to lessen strain on the electric distribution system while still allowing for our customers to wake up to a full battery every morning. Many customers report no up-front costs as a reason to participate—instead, customers pay a manageable monthly fee of about $20. 

Learn more about our Charge@Home program and give yourself the gift of convenience this holiday season by visiting mge.com/chargeathome! If you’re interested in exploring how an EV can help you save, visit mge.com/exploremyev!

published: Nov-25-2019