Save Energy with Smart Products

Our statewide energy efficiency partner, FOCUS ON ENERGY®, has a number of energy-saving products available at its Online Marketplace.

Did you know using energy efficiently and conserving water are some of ways we all can work together to reduce our environmental footprint?
One of the newer products available at the Focus on Energy Online Marketplace is the Evolve Multifunction Showerhead, which is an affordable product to help you save energy and water this summer and all year!
The “all-in-one” solution features an integrated Evolve multifunction showerhead and ShowerStart TSV (thermostatic shut-off valve). According to Focus on Energy, it improves comfort by providing multiple shower settings while conserving water use and energy through the showerhead’s efficient design and use of the TSV.
The TSV starts to work when the water is turned on in the shower. It reduces flow to a trickle once the water temperature reaches 95 degrees. Users can then pull the lanyard to start their shower. It features full-body, massage, and pause spray patterns, delivering powerful performance regardless of your home’s water pressure, and it automatically resets itself. Get one today by shopping the Online Marketplace!
By working together to save energy and reduce our water consumption, we can advance our shared sustainability goals. MGE is targeting at least an 80% reduction in carbon by 2030 and net-zero carbon electricity by 2050. Learn more about our carbon reduction goals and the role of energy efficiency and conservation.

published: Jun-13-2022