Save Energy with Smart Home Technology

Smart thermostats, power strips and plugs make saving energy easy.

Woman adjusting a smart thermostat
If you’re looking for ways to make it easier to save energy, there are a variety of smart home devices that can help!

Get Smart

Smart thermostats can learn your household routine and use that information to control your home's temperature. They also can be controlled remotely with a smartphone app. Eligible MGE customers can take advantage of an instant incentive from Wisconsin's FOCUS ON ENERGY® program when purchasing a qualified smart thermostat. 

Smart power strips

If you’re looking for ways to manage energy used by electronics, smart power strips can prevent phantom energy by detecting when a device is not being used and then cutting off power to that device. Phantom power accounts for approximately 6 percent of an average household's energy use. 


Smart plugs or outlets

Smart plugs, or smart outlets, also can be used for almost anything from electronics to lamps. They are available in a variety of styles and prices and can be programmed or remotely controlled with an app. 

MGE is available to provide tips and answer your questions about using technology to save energy. Call the MGE Home Energy Line at (608) 252-7117 or send an email to

published: Mar-11-2024