'Fueling Up' is Easy with an Electric Vehicle (EV)

MGE has charging options to help keep EV drivers charged and ready to go at home and on the road.

Driving electric means fuel savings and no tailpipe emissions. Another big benefit of driving an EV is charging at home. Charging at home is easy–plug in overnight and your vehicle is ready to go in the morning. If you already own an EV or are considering driving electric, MGE has a variety of charging options to keep you "fueled" up.  


With our Charge@Home program, MGE coordinates the installation of a Level 2 (240-volt) charging station. Level 2 stations charge about nine times faster than a standard outlet. There are no upfront costs. For about $20 a month (64 cents a day) plus the cost of electricity, MGE takes care of maintenance and repairs. As a program participant, you also help MGE learn more about how EV charging will impact our community grid. Learn more at mge.com/chargeathome

MGE also partners with local apartment and condo communities to provide charging options. 

On-the-Go Charging  

If you need to charge while you're away from home, MGE has a network of more than 40 charging stations conveniently located throughout the Madison area, including our new fast-charging hub in downtown Madison. The new hub features some of the most powerful chargers in the Midwest. Visit mge2050.com/hub to learn more. 

There's a lot to discover—and a lot to love—about EVs. Learn more about EVs and EV charging at mge.com/LovEV.  

published: Feb-26-2022