City's Bike-Sharing Goes Electric

BCycle fleet brings pedal power to the capital city.

Electric transportation isn't just for cars anymore. 

In June, Madison became the first city in the nation to fully convert its bike-sharing system to electric bikes. Hundreds of people attended the Madison BCycle Electric Launch, featuring an inaugural ride around the Capitol Square. A few MGE employees were there to test out their pedal power with the new bikes. 

"The bikes are very easy to ride with a quick-adjust seat, and the electric assist kicks in when you start pedaling," said Dave Benforado, MGE senior community services manager. "There's an easy gear selector, bell, a good-sized front basket and even a place to strap your cell phone in the middle of the handle bars."

Along with electric cars, e-bikes offer a quick way to get around town without breaking a sweat. The e-bikes can travel about 30 miles per charge. If the battery runs out, the bikes still work—the pedal assist just stops boosting the ride. 

The e-bikes are available at BCycle charging stations throughout the city.

"E-bikes are another great clean transportation option for commuters in the city," said Debbie Branson, MGE manager of electrification. "Between e-bikes, electric buses and a range of electric vehicles, including trucks and SUVs coming soon, there is an electric transportation option for everyone." 

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published: Aug-16-2019