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VW makes EV pledge; Jaguar's speedy E-SUV; a 3D-EV for less than $8,000

Large and small carmakers alike seek out space in the EV market.

A New EV Leader?
Volkswagen electric bus

The carmaker that sells more vehicles worldwide than any other has set its sights on the EV market.  Volkswagen AG recently announced it plans to launch 50 new EVs by 2025, and it plans to create electric versions of more than 300 models by 2030. That means more EV choices—from SUVs to a VW bus.

Jaguar electric SUV jumps off starting line

EVs are notoriously fast from 0-to-60 mph, and Jaguar just proved it might have the fastest starting model out there. A new videoshows the 2019 Jaguar I-Pace SUV beating two of Tesla's Model X performance vehicles in drag races. The push to get EVs to market isn't the only race for these luxury automakers!

3D-printed EV would cost $7,500

That is not a misprint. Chinese carmaker XEV plans to mass produce a 3D-printed car that would take three days to build and sell for $7,500. Sure, it has limited range and speed, and it won't be coming to a Wisconsin car dealership anytime soon, but this emerging technology could foretell the future of low-cost "neighborhood" EVs.

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published: Apr-23-2018

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