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There's Something About an (Electric) Truck

Ford, GM, Rivian and Tesla all have plans to bring no tailpipe emissions to the pickup segment.


The GMC HUMMER pickup is expected to go into production in 2021.

The GMC HUMMER pickup is expected to go into production in 2021.
Americans love pickups. The Ford F-Series, Dodge Ram and Chevy Silverado have been best-selling vehicles for decades. A number of automakers are bringing electric models to the roads, and truck fans soon will be able to haul boat trailers and loads with electric pickups.
Traditional automakers like Ford and GM have announced plans to build electric trucks, as well as Tesla and start-ups like Rivian, Bollinger and Lordstown. All models are expected to perform as well as or even outperform their gasoline counterparts.


The Tesla Cybertruck has made quite a splash with its distinctive design and armorlike exterior. With the base version starting at about $40,000, the truck will be a viable option for drivers who want towing capacity (14,000 pounds) and range. Drivers will be able to travel from 250 to 500 miles on a single a charge. The Cybertruck is expected to arrive in 2021, with more than 650,000 orders already on the books. 


Rivian is gaining traction with investments from Ford and Amazon. They are planning to launch a pickup and three-row SUV in 2021. Starting price will be about $69,000, with higher-end models offering 400 miles in driving range.


GM recently rolled out the HUMMER pickup, expected to go into production in 2021. Like the Cybertruck, the HUMMER comes equipped with its own cool options like the available crabwalk and underbody cameras. With a range of up to 350 miles and 1,000 horsepower, the HUMMER will appeal to off-road and performance enthusiasts but has a price tag north of $100,000. An SUV version will follow.


The Ford F-150 is the pickup truck of pickup trucks. An electric model under development is slated for 2022. Ford says the F-150 will deliver plenty of horsepower and torque and the ability to tow up to 14,000 pounds. 
Drivers who need or just want a pickup will have several electric options over the next couple of years that offer high performance, no gas tank to fill up and no tailpipe emissions.
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published: Dec-14-2020