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Road Trip in an Electric Vehicle

See how "fuel" costs compare when two friends take MGE's all-electric Chevy Bolt for a road trip to Devil's Lake State Park.

There are lots of great things about summer in Wisconsin—riding your bike along Lake Monona, listening to your favorite band at Summerfest and hiking at Devil's Lake State Park. What's not so great about summer in Wisconsin is paying more at the pump to get to your favorite destinations.

Gasoline prices have been creeping up with drivers paying about $2.75 a gallon recently. Ouch!  One way to save money on your summer road trip is to "go electric."  For a quick comparison, you pay about a buck a gallon when you "fill up" with electricity. Compare it to traveling in a pickup or SUV, and the savings are even greater.

Friends of mine—Sue and Ryan—recently drove an all-electric Chevy Bolt to Devil's Lake. Watch our video to find out how much they saved driving on electricity.

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published: Jun-21-2018

Debbie Branson

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Debbie Branson

MGE New Market Manager

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