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"Explore My EV" helps drivers compare vehicles. 

If you're in the market for a new vehicle, consider asking whether an electric vehicle (EV) may work for you. Like any vehicle purchase, you want to know the vehicle's perks—and, importantly, how much it's going to cost upfront. But, many of us don't think about the cost to operate a vehicle over time. We get our oil changed, replace the brake pads and fill up when the tank gets low. Owning an EV may save you money and time. Most of us won't miss spending Saturday morning getting our oil changed or pumping gas during a spring downpour.

If you're curious about EVs, check out Explore My EV – MGE's new online tool for comparing EVs to gasoline models. EVs may have a higher purchase price when compared to a similar gasoline model, but they cost less to maintain. No more oil changes, and brakes last longer. And you may be eligible for a federal tax credit of up to $7,500. The Explore My EV tool considers commute distances, available tax credits and maintenance costs, among other things.

Fuel savings 

Did you know you can "fuel" an EV for about half the cost? When compared to a gasoline vehicle, EV drivers pay about $1 per "gallon." Sign up for MGE's Shift & Save rate (time-of-use rate), and you may save even more by plugging in at night when fewer customers are using electricity. Explore My EV will help you figure out the best electric rate for your home and estimate fuel savings.  

If you decide an EV is right for you, Explore My EV will show you MGE programs that make home charging installation easy, public charging cheaper and clean energy for your EV simple and affordable. Next time you're shopping for a new vehicle, check out Explore My EV. There are a lot of reasons to love driving an EV – lower fuel costs, less maintenance and no more trips to the gas station.

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published: Apr-04-2019

Debbie Branson

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