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MGE Offers Variety of Home Charging Options

From fast home charging to partnerships with condo and apartment buildings, MGE is working to help electric vehicle (EV) drivers charge at home.

A huge benefit of driving an EV is charging at home. No more trips to the gas station is something you won't miss in the middle of winter. Charging at home is easy–just plug in overnight and your vehicle is ready to go in the morning. 
MGE helps drivers fill up at home with our Charge@Home program. For about $20 a month (64 cents a day), plus the cost of electricity, MGE will coordinate the installation of a Level 2 (240-volt) charging station. Level 2 stations charge about nine times faster than a standard outlet. There are no up-front costs, and MGE will repair or replace the station if anything goes wrong. As a program participant, you also help MGE learn more about how EV charging will impact our community grid.

Apartment and condo charging

More than 80% of charging happens at home, and nearly 50% of MGE customers are renters. The good news is that many apartment buildings offer on-site EV charging. In addition, the City of Madison now requires developers to include EV charging equipment in new apartment and condo buildings. 
Condo owners also are looking to charge at home. Watch this story to see how two Madison-area condo buildings added EV charging at their buildings. To get started, MGE recommends getting feedback from residents and calling an electrician to discuss options and costs. 
For more information on charging at home, visit mge.com/lovev/charging. You can also call MGE's Home Energy Line at 800-245-1125 or send an email to askexperts@mge.com.
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published: Nov-12-2021

Debbie Branson

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