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MGE EV Owners Group Helps Shape the Future of Driving Electric in the Madison Area

Members receive 50% off charging on MGE's wind-powered charging network.

As more electric vehicles (EVs) hit the roads every day, MGE continues to offer charging solutions and make plans to support EV use in our area.

MGE’s public EV charging network currently includes five fast chargers and more than 40 Level 2 charging stations conveniently located throughout the greater Madison area. The fast chargers can provide 60 to 80 miles of range in about 20 minutes to keep any EV driver on the go!  

Members of MGE’s EV Owners Group receive 50% off charging at any public charger in MGE's wind-powered charging network in exchange for helping provide feedback to ensure MGE is offering programs that benefit EV drivers and our community grid. 

MGE created the EV Owners Group more than 10 years ago. Since then, members have provided feedback on MGE charging initiatives. This partnership helps MGE better understand how EV charging patterns and behavior may impact the grid into the future. If you drive an EV and are interested in getting a discount on public charging as well as updates about MGE EV programs, services and station installations, visit mge.com to learn more and sign up.

published: Apr-01-2021

Debbie Branson

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